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December 07, 2016


November 30, 2016


Dimitri Verhulst

November 16, 2016


Nicolas Gomez Davila

September 02, 2016


Le collectif JNC Crew de Liège (Belgique) fête ses 25 ans d’existence du 9 septembre au 10 octobre 2016.
Au programme édition d’un livre, concerts, expositions, parcours graffiti, rencontres musicales et deux graffiti jam.

JNC Crew 25 ans affiche

09.09 : Vernissage, Graffti Jam & Visite Guidée dès 16h @Ghetto Blaster
10.09 : Graffiti Jam Skate Park Cointe de 12h à 18h : Dj Sonar & SURGE OF FURY live
10.09 : Sioux Festival et Jnckingz présentent le Petit Train : "Liège, du street art à l'art urbain"
10.09 : Interregnum, expo solo de Jaba / 25 ans des JNCKingz
15.09 : Big In Japan : expo solo de Sam Rosu / 25 ans des JNCKingz
17.09 : Pop Up Store & Music @Milk Liège : Raione dj set + Bboys
17.09 : Visite Guidée gratuite "Liège du Street Art à l'Art Urbain"
Réservations : yvettehuy@gmail.com
Départ à 14h30 de chez Ghetto Blaster
18.09 : Jam Local Bastard : Dj Sonar + skate competition
22.09 : Expo collective Jnckingz @Galerie Central + sortie du livre "Justice N' Crimes"
24.09 : Rencontres Musicales avec King Lee https://www.facebook.com/events/634409696713673/
29.09 : Vernissage Expo solo Silvio Magaglio @Reflektor
30.09 : Assassin *sold out* + guests pour les 25 ans de Jnckingz | Reflektor
01/02.10 : Graffiti Jam Sclessin, le 01 de 18h à 22h et le 2 de 12h à 22h.
01.10 : KING LEE live @Les Nuits Numériques 2016

JNC Meeting of Styles

Les artistes attendus lors des graffiti jam : 2-Shy, Alb, Alone, Ben, Beoz, Boris, Buda, Bust, Cas, C-money, Cept148, Colonel, Creez, Dacya, Dead, Deal, Earl, Esok, Eyeone, Fab74, France, Fury, Honet, Jaba, Jest, Julien Pecheur, Kabe, Kaer, Karim, Marza, Mickos, Mig1, Miles, More, Nere5, Nipe, Orez, Pave, Peach, Poch, Rai, Recto, Rvo, Saer, Sade, Sam, Simonis, Shake, Skope, Sozy, Stud, Silvio, Spyk, Sonar, Take, Tchani, Them, Transparent, Tuc et Zoncke.

Passez dire bonjour ...
Le détail à découvrir via https://facebook.com/JNCKINGZ/

didier jaba mathieu

graffiti a liege

Liege graffiti

Liege graff rue jean delvoye

liege graff

graff liege

January 06, 2016


Cokney book

Cokney graffiti

graffiti book




Cokney graffiti book

Cokney graffiti book

Cokney graffiti book

Cokney graffiti book

May 29, 2013

Bello Gesto (book + dvd)

Photographer Gerard Fournier presents this book, which will feature more than 100 pages of trainwriting ambience photos and a dvd with more than 80 minutes of action in subways and trains all over Europe.

August 12, 2012

Our Side Of The Tracks - Alias Press

Photographers Oahu and Phil America present a book like no other and a journey into places where no one else dares to take you ... The book includes portraits of many of the world’s most famous artists involved in the graffiti scene as well as many of the most visited and the most obscure places ... Featuring Rocks, RHB, Luce, Rebok, Oahu, Banos, AF Crew, Pilchi, Rush, Lose, Zoow, Apollo, Pores, Same, Taps & Moses, and many more.
Source : Our Side Of The Tracks - Alias Press

October 08, 2011

Graffiti book - 25 years of train graffiti in Belgium

25 years of train graffiti in Belgium - Book

Alias Press brings the history of one Europe's most bombed railway systems featuring local writers and the international guests the country has seen over the years mixed with reports, stories and interviews.
"In Flanders Fields - 25 years of train graffiti in Belgium"
Out spring 2012 - EUR 29.90
Alias Press

April 17, 2009

Action painting, bringing art to the trains by Kristian Kutschera

Action painting, bringing art to the trains by Kristian KutscheraAll works presented in this book no longer exist. Gone for good, washed off the sides of the trains, sometimes only hours after they were first created. Often what remains is just one photo, a final remnant of something that took a great deal of skill, courage, and determination to create. The authors of Action Painting present the most comprehensive collection of art ever created on Europe's transit systems, including highlights of the past 25 years. Their task was much µlike a treasure hunt involving a series of conspiratorial meetings and the subsequent arrival of mysterious, unmarked packages. First inspired by the iconic 1980s book, "Subway Art," the painting of trains in Europe continues to flourish to this day. Action Painting gives outsiders profound insight into the adventures, techniques, ethics and passion behind this amazing art form.
Action Painting : Bringing Art to the Trains by Kristian Kutschera 2009
Pics and infos : ilovegraffiti.de