October 08, 2014

You can stop writing graffiti and 30 years later you are still looking at tags. And this is nice because the culture keeps on growing, it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t slip away. And it’s growing, it’s crazy. People keep coming up, people keep starting writing and you would expect something to die out and it is not. […] I don’t think it can go away. Writing on walls, how can it go away ? - Raw

writing graffiti

August 13, 2014

Having the love for a culture, you know? Living it and not trying to define it further… Just loving something and wanted to do it. Sometimes you don’t have that answer - Raw

Love for a culture

I kind of feel free, you know? It is one moment of your day where you kind of like don’t have to answer any questions you know? It’s still something you are doing when you are believing you know? You spit it out there and you are not expecting anything back from it you know? Other than getting a reaction from within the subculture - Raw

Feel free

January 08, 2014

If you want to have a message, then you should write a book ! - Raw

December 25, 2013

Graffiti is intensifying reality for me. And this is what I try to do in my art and what I try to experience in graffiti. I try to visualize it in my art, and I experience it in graffi ti […]But in terms of going out and trying to be a street artist, and try to copy Banksy and get famous in the art world through graffiti it’s just total sell out in a way you know? And you are missing the all point - Raw

December 04, 2013

My feelings about the police officers and the all situation have changed too. Like a 15 years old you wake up and you are all the time fucking around with them. But now it’s like “no, they are just people doing their job, they need that stuff. It’s just reality and if they catch you they are doing a good job. It’ s different. You understand more what everybody is doing. You get a complete picture when you are older - Raw